Stephan Carroll is best-known for his most recent work, featured in the 2016 Australian Directors Guild Awards show “In Memoriam” segment. His critically-acclaimed composition “Symphony No. 1” was featured in the national publication Keyboard Magazine. He was also selected in the top 20 semifinalists in the Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition, and his music was featured in the short film “Tears for the Son” in the Tribeca Film Festival.

Piano performance has been the focus of Stephan’s life for over 30 years, which includes 15 years of classical training, and over 20 years of composition. His has studied film composition through the Film Music Institute, including the Music for the Media course. He has a successful track record of producing soundtracks for TV commercials, corporate videos, video games, and online media.

In his professional life, Stephan is a a website designer, graphic artist, video producer, and a performing church musician. His unique combination of technology and music caught the attention of PBS, who interviewed him as a part of their documentary on electronic music in the modern era.

Stephan’s music is a blend of technology and realism, in a variety of styles and genres. While orchestral music is his preferred media, he also dabbles in more contemporary styles, including jazz and electronica. He is a talented composer/musician with a true heart for music.