The Armageddon Overtures: The Final Day on Earth


On July 18, 2007, the artist completed a draft outline for an expansive new composition project titled “The Armageddon Overtures.” Focusing on the final day of life on earth before “the end of time,” this massive suite for full orchestra and choir was completed in February 2008.

I. Dawn/Sunrise
(hope) 7:41
II. All That Was
(sorrow) 5:58
III. The Agony of Farewell
(love) 7:22
IV. All That Is
(anger) 6:35
V. A Midafternoon’s Nightmare
(anxiety) 5:22
VI. All That Could Have Been
(euphoria) 6:13
VII. Sunset/Twilight
(acceptance) 5:55
VIII. And All That Is To Come
(anticipation) 7:05
IX. Ω (omega)
(terror) 6:23

Download the full orchestral score in PDF format (2.28mb)

BONUS TRACK: Beyond This Twilight (4:25 8.11mb) – In 2007 Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) released a new album “Year Zero.” Later that year, he released all of the songs from that album in multitrack format. He invited the public to take his compositions and remix them in any way they wanted, completely free of charge. This piece is Stephan’s remix of one of the tracks from that album, “In This Twilight,” which was also an inspiration in the creation of The Armageddon Overtures. This arrangement is a full orchestral and choral score, utilizing the lead vocal and drum tracks from the original album.

For more information, you can read this interview by writer Karunya Keshav from the website Free Culture/Creative Mind.

Armageddon Overtures – Prologue

Before the end of time
before the ultimate battle between good and evil
before Judgment Day
before the cessation of existence
there will be one final day…

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Zlatin Balevsky, LimeWire Music Blog

Ever wonder what the end of the world feels like? Thanks to Stephan Carroll, you don’t have to wait until 2012 to find out. The songwriter has explored the range of emotions mankind will go through as the end of time unfolds. In “The Armageddon Overtures” — a full orchestra and choir suite — feelings of hope, sorrow, anger, and euphoria form the soundtrack of the last day on earth. The music is accessible and deeply touching; it simultaneously captures the glory of the human race and its vulnerability. Oh, and fans of Nine Inch Nails might be pleasantly surprised…