“Autumn Twilight” featured in 2016 Australian Directors Guild Awards Show

ADG Awards

Stephan was contacted in April by Kerry Herman, producer of the Australian Directors Guild (ADG) Awards. He agreed to allow the guild to use one of his compositions, “Autumn Twilight,” in their annual awards ceremony. The piece was featured during a memorial segment honoring those directors who have passed away in the last year. The “In Memoriam” segment is below, as well as on the ADG YouTube channel.

“Word Hive” Video Game

img_wrdhive“Word Hive” is an online word search game designed for young children, created by Lightning Round Entertainment, featuring original music composed by Stephan Carroll. Lightning Round Entertainment has granted the author permission to publish several clips of the music created for this game. All files are mp3 format encoded at 128kbps unless otherwise noted.

Please note: This game is no longer available online.

Main Theme Loop752kb, 0:48 – The main menu theme, and also the same basic theme as the regular in-game mode.

Cutscene Loop – 627kb, 0:40 – This music is featured in several of the cutscene animations.

“Busy Bee” Theme –  493kb, 0:31 – This theme is from one particular cutscene inside the beehive. The hive is quite busy with activity.

“Uh Oh” Cue85kb, 0:05 – A brief music cue, used in one cutscene.

Boss Loop 924kb, 1:58 – The full boss level loop. A slightly darker version of the regular in-game loop. (encoded at 64kbps).

“You Lose” cue – 128kb, 0:08 – A sad cue for when the objective is not accomplished.