Contemporary Music

These selections do not necessarily fall into the category of strictly orchestral work, although they may contain some elements of orchestra. These songs are more likely to include drums, synthesizers, or other more contemporary instrumentation. Be sure to check out the instrumental arrangements of some classic Pink Floyd pieces.

Original Compositions – Selections composed and recorded entirely by Stephan Carroll.

3 AM Blues – A contemporary jazz creation written several years ago and orchestrated recently. This piece features the piano but includes a jazz trio of bass, guitar, and drums, and even a violin section at the bridge.

Two Roads – This piece contains piano, electric guitar, synth chorus, and an interesting drum pattern. This piece remains upbeat and exciting throughout.

Turning – This clip contains two separate sections of the original composition by Stephan Carroll. The opening section is soft, contemplative with solo cello, piano, acoustic and electric guitars. The second section includes a larger orchestration with chimes, strings and brass.

Other Contemporary Recordings – Selections composed by other artists, but recorded by Stephan Carroll.

NEW: Beyond This Twilight (4:25 8.11mb) – In 2007 Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) released a new album “Year Zero.” Later that year, he released all of the songs from that album in multitrack format. He invited the public to take his compositions and remix them in any way they wanted, completely free of charge. This piece is Stephan’s remix of one of the tracks from that album, “In This Twilight,” which was also an inspiration in the creation of The Armageddon Overtures. This arrangement is a full orchestral and choral score, utilizing the lead vocal and drum tracks from the original album.

Calm of Night – This is a piano solo written by Frank Sanucci, arranged and recorded with synthesizers and other instrumentation by Stephan Carroll. A somber, meditative piece that captures the tranquility of night.

Pink Floyd Instrumental Arrangements – Classic songs from the band Pink Floyd, as recorded by Stephan Carroll.

Comfortably Numb – An instrumental arrangement of this classic song by Roger Waters and the band Pink Floyd.

Brain Damage – “The lunatic is in my head…” Another Floyd classic.

Money – The opening sounds of cash registers/money was sampled from the original album, but everything else is original material by Stephan Carroll.